Bridge of Hearts

What we give is what we receive; how we give is how we receive; when we give is when we receive.

We solemnly invite you to participate in birthing the Heart Call which stirs within us. We are in the process of acquiring/liberating some land in Croatia, in order to live in a comm-unity, based on the heart principles shared on this website: that there are great changes facing Mother Earth and Mankind. Many are aware of the changes that we can physically see in the world around us, but there are also changes in the consciousness of Mankind and the way he perceives himself.

We are all aware of the quickening of time. But we need to realize that the quickening vibration or frequency of the earth is not only out there, it is within us also. The living cells of our bodies are seeking to match the vibrations of the Earth. As within, so without; this has to be so, for we live in a world of unity.

Our beloved earth is finding a way to balance her self within a higher frequency, and as she does so it seems that we too are trying to find a balance within ourselves. Frustrations, stresses, relationships, fears, doubts and angers are issues we must face far more rapidly than in past years, and so too does Mother Earth face her issues. And as we can see the consequences of our actions and thoughts, so too can we see the effects upon Mother Earth as we face extreme weather patterns and earth eruptions.

It is also becoming obvious that the life patterns within the Animal and Plant Kingdoms are also changing. It seems that the shift in man’s consciousness runs parallel with that of our planet. If it is our wish, we can assist each other and the earth to birth a new way of being, to move forward into a higher frequency, a higher knowledge, based on our collective wisdom and love.

We request that you send our website link ( to as many others that you feel would like to be part of the bridge of hearts. We also ask you to read the contents of our website in order to familiarise yourself with our heart centred quest.

We also welcome any ideas, suggestions or feedback that you may have for us including any offers of translating this site into other languages. So far we have Croatian and Spanish covered.

Time is of the utmost essence.

Even if you feel that you do not agree with our Heartquest, please feel free to share this site with any of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances with whom you feel this message might resonate.
We invite everyone to come visit with us, anytime they feel so inclined. We operate from a totally heart centred “open door – open heart” policy.