About Death

Death in all forms may be punishment requested, not just by accident or murder, but even through old age or aging itself.

For thousands of years there has been a quest for the secret of eternal youth, the secret that would put an end to aging.

One contributing factor that causes aging is the simple belief that we are born, we grow old and we die.

Remember that a belief is a thought and thoughts create. How fast we age, and when and how we die, may resemble how our parents aged and died, simply because many of our beliefs are passed on from them.

Other factors causing the aging process are guilt and suppressed rage! Aging is no more than continuous death on the cellular level of our bodies.

As life continues, so does the”death request”, untill an organ fails, or total bodily dysfunction occurs.
This process can only be halted by creating forgiveness and living forever!

The death urge, or death request with rage,is what actually causes death.

Rage is a killing energy, and is neccessary before anyone can kill themselves, others, or even a fly.

In the next posting you will be shown a sure-fire antidote to the death energy.

In Lak’Ech Ala Kin

Life in Scare-City

I’ll never be good enough
Life is unfair
You have to work hard for everything you get
I am only valuable when I am producing something
There’s not enough time
It’s too late
I should be different
I don’t deserve a great life
I have to do everything myself
It’s a dog eat dog world
I’m supposed to be perfect
No one in my family ever amounts to much
Why try? I’ll never make it anyway
Life is hard
Pleasure makes you lazy
The devil makes play for idle hands
I have to control everything to make things work out
I can’t allow anything to go wrong
Life is a rat race
I can’t ask for help
You have to hold on to anything you get
It’s every man for himself
Some people are born better than others
It’s all a matter of luck
Money makes the world go round
I can never relax
We never have enough
Nothing ever works out for me
Love is a fools game
I am my past
I am cursed
Blessed are those who constantly struggle