In Lak’Ech Ala Kin!

We would like to thank all those hearts who have visited the Heartwarrior site and shared their views, comments, and feedback with us.

Many have asked us to be more specific as to what our actual aims and objectives are, and what we actually stand for, and so in the following articles, in Heartbeat, we will address these questions from the centre of our hearts.

For those who are seeking an intellectual understanding or explanation of who we are and what we are about, we thank you very much for visiting with us, and we can only say “get out of your head and into your heart” and you will find all the answers you require, for Love needs no explanation, defence or justification. We believe that if you cannot explain it to a child then it is not worth explaining!

We are Divine Sovereign Beings of Sound and Light and Sound and Light we shall remain. There is no time and we have no edges. We completely and totally accept all aspects of our being, and non-being, in all dimensions of space, time, reality and unreality. We completely and totally forgive all aspects of our being, and non-being, in all dimensions of space, time, reality and unreality. And we completely and totally love all aspects of our being, and non-being, in all dimensions of space, time, reality and unreality.

All of life is composed of the five basic “proteins”: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether, these being the basic building blocks of our physical bodies and the world as we perceive it.
Though each of these proteins appears to be different, they are in fact composed of exactly the same substance: atoms. And each atom is animated by the love/power of Mother/Father /Goddess/God/Creator Source of all that is, and is not!

Any attempt on our part to tamper with, alter or pollute any of these elements or their concomitant wholes can only end in disaster for the human race. Yet Life will continue with the human race, or without it, for we are the very substance of Life itself.

Once, shrouded in the distant myths of time, there was no separation between spirituality and science or the physical and non-physical. Within the heart of every human being lies that memory, entrained within every cell of our being and encoded in our very DNA.

Today, our so called scientists are attempting to discover, and CONTROL, this Divine Source Power, as can be evidenced by the recent, futile, experiments, in the CERN facilities in Switzerland where, just a few days ago, they announced that they had been able to “trap” anti-matter for a few fractions of a second. Wow!

There is enough energy in one cell of the human body to provide lighting and heating for the entire world forever! We are, each and everyone of us, miraculous beings beyond our wildest imaginings, and we have answered the “Heartcall” to manifest this beingness, here and now, together with our beloved planet of choice, Gaia, Earth, Pachamama.

We hear the call, that the time for male superiority, feminine subjugation, external authority, hierarchy, money, taxation, royalty, politicians, priesthoods, secrecy, spin mongers, deceit, and rule by “our betters” is at an end! And like a snake shedding its skin, we let these outdated modalities and ways of being effortlessly slough off, as we move on into “the realms of the as yet undreamed”!

For those of you who feel a resonance with our Heartquest, please continue to visit with us and share our site with others, as we continue this “work in progress” to share more of our Heartbeat with you.

In Lak’Ech Ala Kin!