The Heart Call

“There is a space for you in the world
With your name on it…………
And your part is the lead part
No matter who you are, it is the lead.
Because only you can play it.
And without you it wont happen”.

We invite you to participate in the grand adventure of birthing a new way of being and living in Comm-unity.
We are a core group of seven adults and one new soul baby-boy, who have answered the “heart call” to be in service to Mother Earth, each other and all of creation. (Please click on individual Heart Warrior profiles)

We wish to emphasise that this is not foundational on any religion, cult, creed or new age spirituality, nor are there any gurus, teachers, leaders or mentors. We are all equal as one; equal as all, and together we will birth this.

Based on the undeniable evidence we see unfolding in world events, on a daily basis, it is becoming crystal clear that this planet and humanity are in the process of undergoing a radical transformation.
The old paradigm of unbridled consumerism and greed, fuelled by the machinations of the “Techno-Pharma-Military-Industrial-Religous Complex”, backed by the life sucking “banksters”, is at an end!
It is up to us to heed “the heart call” and birth a new way of being and living on this Planet.

We are individual units of human consciousness functioning as cellular members of the body of Mother Earth . What we do and how we do it affects the total planetary well being. This is the time for us to bond together as one, and transform ego from service to self to service to the greater good of all that is.

Pachamama is a word from the Inca language meaning Mother Earth, and we choose to adopt this name for our all providing Great Mother. Due to our unquenchable greed and consumerism, the world is spiralling towards great disaster for humanity as a whole.

Every single day, and as you are reading this, another 120 species are becoming extinct. Each year 20.4 million hectares of rain forest are being destroyed. We are polluting our oceans and the environment at an unprecedented rate.

We treat Pachamama as a lump of insentient clay, which is there for us to use and abuse. Sadly, this is reflected in the attitude that the majority of men have towards women in our society today.

Pachamama is a living, intelligent, fully sentient entity that loves and sustains us and, make no mistake, she feels the pain that we inflict upon her! As the old adage goes “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned“, and such being the case, we shall reap the rewards of our insane indifference and continued exploitation: she will cull and throw us off as the virulent cancer that we are becoming.
We must wake up now and be the change that we wish to see.

This is indeed the return of the Divine Feminine Heart Principle, which has been down trodden and denigrated by an unbridled Masculine Ego System, steeped in male knowledge and lacking feminine wisdom.

The Heart Call is for balance to reign supreme, once again, on our beautiful planet of choice.