Why 144,000 Hearts

There is reference made, by many spiritual groups and world religions, as to the significance or necessity of the 144,000 beings, required to be the critical mass that will bring about a radical transformation of humanity, and our beloved planet of choice. There is much confusion and a great deal of misunderstanding around this subject, and so here we would like to clarify what this means for us, and indeed for you who are reading this.

For some, this is seen as an “exclusive” group of world teachers who will rise up to lead humanity into a new era, whilst for others this means that only 144,000 will be saved in the “end times”, and will be the chosen ones who will be lifted into “the rapture”. There are many variations on this theme. This has resulted in certain people believing that, due to a certain belief system they have adopted, they are part of a privileged and select group. For us, here at Heart Warrior, this is utter rubbish!

In this time of coming Earth changes, as our planet begins to shift into higher light and sound frequencies, it is imperative that we ALL come together as one, to raise our own individual frequencies to match that of Pachamama, in this time of great cosmic renewal.

We, as human beings, in our core essence, are spiritual beings composed of Divine Electro Magnetic Energy and are pure in goodness and wholeness. And even though we may not feel this way consciously about ourselves, we inherently search for this state within, even if only on a subconscious level.

We all have the same potential to rise above and beyond any and all of our issues and limited belief systems, which have kept us divided for so long, and have the ability to hold the HIGHEST frequency possible within ourselves. By doing this, we not only help ourselves, but inadvertently help everyone that we come into contact with. Just because we do not physically see this energy or high frequency, does not make it less so, or relegate it to something that does not exist.

This is similar to radio waves, microwaves from cell phones, television waves and all other such invisible energetic phenomena.. We do not see them, but take all the manifestations of these energies for granted. Closing our minds does not change the Universal facts, yet it does affect how we, or others, perceive these Universal truths. Your belief is your truth. No one can change your beliefs, except yourself. The real goal of life is to be as open as one can be and to have an “empty cup attitude”. This means that you allow yourself to “be emptied” and transcend all your negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions, and in a very real sense, to transform yourself from a very limited being, into one which embodies your highest potential, your highest frequency, your God Self!

By vibrating at a higher frequency, not only will you live an easier more fulfilling life, everyone around you also gets entrained to your higher frequency. If they are vibrating at a lower rate, will be transformed to match your higher frequency. So, you are effortlessly raising the consciousness of the people you come into contact with, as well as serving the higher planetary evolutionary cycle. There is only energy, and we are ALL energy beings.

There is much doom and gloom talk around the subject of the Mayan calendar 2012 end of days scenario. Many speak of the potential for cataclysmic events occurring. We feel that possibly most of the major issues have, or will have been, averted due to the ever increasing expansion of consciousness, and people living from the space of love within their hearts.

It is important to know, and to spread this knowledge to others, that those labelled as Ascended Masters, Crystal Children, Indigo Children and Indigo Adults, etc., are no more special than anybody else. The only difference is that they are already aware of their potential and are using this for the betterment of all, including the Earth, humanity and the universe as a whole. If we can all drop the illusion of separation, scare-city and limitation, and gather together as One, we can create a planet of Peace and Heaven, right here and now, on Earth. Of course, in this old Mechanistic paradigm we are still entrenched in, where allopathic medicine still rules as the mainstream, and many of the structures still in place are run by old Newtonian ways, we still have quite a journey to go. We need to maintain the core of the world we know and love, and transform the parts that are not really working, into areas that foster our real values and ideals for the peaceful world we all long to live in.

This 144,000 that is talked about in most religions and spiritual groups refers to the critical mass of people it will take to create enough high frequency energy at once, to transform the rest of the world. It takes this amount of people to affect and be able to transform everybody else into raising their frequencies, their thoughts, visions, ideals, and in a very real essence, to WAKE UP the rest of the world from the nightmare we have all been in for millennia. Everybody wakes up at their own time, yet if this critical mass is reached, it will be like a light switch is turned on for the rest of the world to SEE the truth of their existence, and realize we are really ALL ONE, and affect everything and everyone around us by our every word, every action, and every thought charged with emotion.

So, if we are all able to embody our highest potential, then who gets to choose this elusive group of 144,000 people? It is really simple! YOU GET TO CHOOSE! Only YOU can choose and say, “I intend to be one of these 144,000″. By doing so, and then another 143,999 other people choosing the same, and then everybody simultaneously embodying the light here on Earth, we start a chain reaction which can′t be stopped. It will be like joy pervading the hearts of every species on Earth simultaneously. We will ALL see how we fit into the whole plan of life, and will no longer see things from the veil of separation. Peace will reign and not be a figment of our imagination, or just a distant dream.